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Inglemoor FBLA strives to fulfill the official FBLA goals as well as to inspire and develop the next generation of leaders in our homes, businesses, and communities. We provide opportunities for our members to prepare for and compete in FBLA competitive business events, take part in community service projects, and attend regional, state, and national leadership conferences.


Inglemoor FBLA was founded in 2011 by chapter president Emmeline Vu with former FBLA advisor Jan Fitzgerald. In 2014, Inglemoor FBLA earned the Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit from Washington FBLA for the first time and is recognized as an outstanding competitive chapter at the regional and state levels.


During the school week, Inglemoor FBLA meets at 9:30am during club time on Tuesdays in the IHS Library. Additionally, Inglemoor FBLA holds monthly Wednesday Workshops open to all members from 6:00-8:00PM. More information about Inglemoor FBLA events can be found on our calendar and on our Facebook page.


Inglemoor FBLA is proud to feature a strong student leadership board alongside our extremely supportive faculty advisors and professional division members. The officer team represents some of the most dedicated and capable members of Inglemoor FBLA, and is heavily involved in planning and organizing chapter activities, preparing the chapter for business event competition at conferences, and developing important business and leadership skills for all of our members.

Scroll down to see the Inglemoor FBLA officer team for the 2017-2018 school year:

Antyush Bollini, '18 | President

As President, Antyush leads an exceptional officer team and driven FBLA chapter. He has competed and placed at the National Leadership Conference in both in his sophomore and junior year. Outside of FBLA, he participates in DECA, Science Olympiad, and Inglemoor Crew. Antyush is thrilled to pass on his knowledge to the underclassmen as a mentor this year, and be a part of another record shattering year.

Elizabeth Su, '18 | Vice President

As Vice President, Elizabeth is responsible for assisting the President, conducting FBLA club presentations and activities. Outside of FBLA, Elizabeth spends her time preparing for DECA, jumping in track and field, and volunteering in Key Club. She is honored to be serving on this year's officer team and is excited to be mentoring new and returning members to continue the chapter's great success during competitions. 


Aleksandra Swiatek, '19 | Secretary

As Secretary, Aleksandra is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all FBLA meetings, as well as, organizing Chapter Merit Awards. Outside of FBLA, Aleksandra’s enjoys playing the guitar and cooking. She is excited to be a part of the Inglemoor FBLA officer team and cannot wait to see what new successes this year will bring.

Nicole Turtle, '19 | Treasurer

As Treasurer, Nicole is responsible for maintaining and adjusting the budget. Outside of FBLA, Nicole enjoys reporting for the newspaper, coaching for the Eurochallenge, and playing piano. She is looking forward to getting to know all the new members and help make our chapter successful this year.

Ryan Cullen, '18 | Historian 

As Historian, Ryan is responsible for taking photos of members and documenting Inglemoor FBLA events that take place throughout the year.  In his time outside of FBLA, Ryan enjoys playing the violin, taking photos, and snowboarding if the weather is right. Ryan is looking forward to working together and getting to know his fellow members better this year in FBLA.


Ewan Brown, '18 | Community Service Lead 

As Community Service Lead, Ewan is responsible for planning and directing all community service activities for FBLA Chapter 8827. Ewan's interests outside of FBLA include piano, soccer, and coding. He looks forward to working with members to make our FBLA chapter even more successful this year.

Learn more about Inglemoor FBLA community service here.

Mathew Houston, '18 | Fundraising Lead

As Fundraising Lead, Matthew is responsible for organizing fundraising events for Inglemoor FBLA. Outside of FBLA Matt enjoys working with the school’s literature club, the Dead Amphibian Society, and the Bothell Youth Court. He also enjoys assorted chocolates and long walks on the beach. Matt is looking forward to a great and productive year with the chapter.

Learn more about Inglemoor FBLA fundraisers here.

Stefan de Villiers, '19 | Public Relations Lead

As Public Relations Lead, Stefan couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming year of Inglemoor FBLA. He’s looking forward to actively promoting the club within the Inglemoor community, as well as outside of the school. Aside from FBLA, Stefan enjoys playing soccer and nerd-ing out about economics. He hopes everyone has fun in FBLA this year and can’t wait for competitions!

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Linda Zhu, '19 | Membership Lead

As Membership Lead, Linda is responsible for growing the Inglemoor FBLA chapter and facilitating the record-keeping for members. In her spare time, she enjoys participating in DECA and spending time with her friends. Linda is looking forward to a successful year for the Inglemoor FBLA chapter!

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Assisting Inglemoor FBLA strong team of executive officers is its dedicated pair of advisors. The chapter's two advisors work together to monitor the club's activities and ensure that everything runs smoothly during business competitions. They help inspire students with FBLA's dream of bringing business and education together.

Scroll down to see the Inglemoor FBLA advisors for the 2017-2018 school year:


Teresa McCausland | Advisor

In her 2nd year as FBLA advisor, Mrs. McCausland is excited to be supportive of both new and returning members as they reach their goals within FBLA. Whether it's learning how to present oneself more professionally, competing with other schools across the country, or making new friends and connections at Inglemoor, FBLA has something to offer every student.

Tim Raines | Advisor

Mr Raines is excited to be back for his 2nd year as FBLA advisor. With his extensive experience in high tech before becoming a teacher, he looks forward to providing relevant advice and perspective for FBLA students as they pursue their goals. FBLA is a great group!

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