Inglemoor FBLA is proud to feature a strong student leadership board alongside our extremely supportive faculty advisors and professional division members. The officer team represents some of the most dedicated and capable members of Inglemoor FBLA, and is heavily involved in planning and organizing chapter activities, preparing the chapter for business event competition at conferences, and developing important business and leadership skills for all of our members.

Meet our officer team below. Officers are organized by their committees within the leadership team. Hover over each picture to read each officer's responsibilities and learn a little more about them.


As President, Stefan de Villiers '19 works with the rest of the officer team to organize and execute chapter events such as fundraisers and community service projects, as well as supervising all internal activities. He also enjoys watching old movies, talking about economics, and telling bad jokes. He can’t wait to work with the entire chapter to make this year another fantastic year of FBLA at Inglemoor.

As Vice President, Linda Zhu '19 is responsible for managing fundraising, community service, and mentorship projects alongside the President and executive team. This also includes overseeing the mentorship, community service, and public relations committees to ensure that projects are being completed on time. Outside of FBLA, she enjoys competing in DECA, volunteering, and traveling as much as possible. In her 4th year of FBLA, Linda is extremely excited to meet new members and help everyone prepare for competition.

As Secretary, Melissa Mitchell '20 is responsible for taking minutes of all FBLA meetings, keeping a digital notebook of the activities and meetings, fulfilling the requirements for the Chapter Merit Awards, and completing the Local Chapter Annual Business Report. Outside of FBLA, Melissa participates in Science Olympiad, the Inglemoor band, and the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra. She also enjoys oil painting, hiking, and doing math. Melissa is looking forward to meeting new FBLA members and helping to continue develop an already amazing chapter.

As Treasurer, David Zhou '21 is responsible for keeping accurate records of Inglemoor FBLA’s revenue and expenditures. Additionally, David serves as the liaison between Inglemoor FBLA and ASB in any financial matters.. Outside of FBLA, he plays on the baseball team and in the Inglemoor band/Jazz Band, and also participates in TSA and DECA. David is extremely excited to meet new people this year, and he is looking forward to assuring that the entire chapter's FBLA experience is amazing.

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Community Service

As Community Service Director, Allan Dao '20 works extensively with the community service committee and to collaborate with non-profit and outside organizations to raise funds for charitable organizations, creating community service opportunities for Inglemoor FBLA members, and completing the annual chapter Community Service Project. Outside of FBLA, he serves on the WASCAA board, participates in TSA, and enjoys playing pool and designing websites. Allan is excited to help Inglemoor FBLA members reach their full potential for leadership in the Inglemoor community.

As part of the Community Service Committee, Joon Chung '20 is responsible for working alongside the Committee to create community service opportunities for FBLA members, and for hosting/raising funds for charitable events around the area. Outside of FBLA, he is part of DECA, HOSA, and WASCAA. He enjoys videography, tennis, music, and volunteering for homeless shelters and medical clinics. Joon is looking forward to expanding Inglemoor FBLA’s presence in the Inglemoor community

As part of the Community Service Committee, Ananya Uliyar '19 works with the Community Service Committee to create opportunities for FBLA members to participate in community service projects and to organize events to raise funds for local charities. At school, she is also part of DECA and Honor Society. Outside of school, she enjoys playing piano and soccer, and volunteers at local organizations. Ananya is looking forward to helping Inglemoor FBLA broaden its community outreach.



As Membership Director, Andrew Bak '20’s duties are to facilitate the registration and record-keeping of all members of the chapter at each level of the competition, as well as to manage the recruitment of new members to the chapter. Outside of FBLA, he plays on the varsity boys’ tennis team and participates in HOSA. Andrew is looking forward to seeing the chapter grow and helping all members achieve success this year.


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As Fundraising Director, Sarthak Karmakar ‘19 is responsible for organizing and managing fundraising events to lower the costs of competition for our large chapter and each of its members, as well as advocating for fundraising events to the chapter at large. Outside of FBLA, he plays on the Inglemoor boys’ tennis team and is an active member of the Technology Student Association. Sarthak is excited to meet new people this year and create fun events that the entire Inglemoor community can benefit from. He is looking forward to making sure that the chapter’s FBLA experience this coming year will be excellent for all involved.



As Mentorship Director, Shreya Senthil '19 is responsible for working with the Mentorship Committee to organize our mentorship program and aid/guide new students in their preparations for FBLA events at all levels of competition. Outside of FBLA, she is an active Key Club member, plays on the Inglemoor varsity girls’ tennis team, and enjoys dancing. Shreya looks forward to establishing relationships with new members and providing the resources to make their Inglemoor FBLA experience as enjoyable as possible.

As Role-Play Specialist, Alex Wang '19 assists in the establishment of our mentorship program, and is responsible for guiding new members through specific role-playing and speaking events. Outside of FBLA, he is a captain for the Inglemoor boys’ tennis team and enjoys studying biology. Alex looks forwards to helping new and returning members strengthen their skills in impromptu and speaking events.

As Underclassmen Representative, Carlie Graham '21 is responsible for assisting Inglemoor FBLA underclassmen in their preparations for competition, helping in the setup of our mentorship program, and always being available to help and answer any questions new club members may have. Outside of FBLA, she participates in the school band and plays volleyball. Carlie is excited to welcome all new underclassmen and club members and hopes to make their addition to this amazing chapter as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

As Prejudged Event Specialist, Evelyn Yang '19 is responsible for compiling resources for prejudged events and working in the Mentorship Committee to establish and maintain the Inglemoor FBLA mentorship program. Outside of FBLA, she is a Point Representative for National Honor Society and plays on the Inglemoor varsity girls’ tennis team. Evelyn looks forward to working alongside the other Mentorship Committee members to help both new and returning members have a positive and successful FBLA experience.

As Prepared Event Specialist, Swetha Mohandas '19 is responsible for helping FBLA members interested in prepared presentation and project events see success in competition. She also works with the Mentorship Committee to maintain our mentorship program and ensure that new and returning FBLA members have a strong grasp of competition and business concepts.. Outside of FBLA, she is an active member of Key Club and DECA, and enjoys hiking. Swetha is looking forward to helping all new and returning members make their FBLA experience memorable.


As STEM Specialist, Ethan Stone '20 is responsible for guiding members interested in STEM-related FBLA events and assisting in the creation and the maintenance of our mentorship program. Outside of FBLA, he is an active member of the TSA, Robotics and Programming Clubs. He also enjoys sailing and rock climbing. Ethan is excited to meet other FBLA members interested in STEM fields and making their FBLA experience meaningful.


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Public Relations

As Public Relations Director, Tom Mikolyuk '19 is responsible for maintaining the image of Inglemoor FBLA inside and outside of IHS. This includes the operation of our media platforms (and website), creating promotional materials for the chapter, communicating with press and community representatives, and leading a committee of three student-Historians in tasks. Outside of FBLA, he participates in Model UN, Science Olympiad, and yearbook, plays soccer, and enjoys making videos on the side. Tom looks forward to spreading the value of FBLA and helping members explore their passions this coming year.

As a Historian, Jarek Cruz '20 takes pictures and videos at chapter events and functions, and works with the Public Relations Committee in managing Inglemoor FBLA’s social media presence and in creating promotional materials for the chapter. Outside of FBLA, he is a member of DECA and HOSA, and plays for the varsity football and track teams. Jarek is excited to contribute to a successful FBLA chapter this year.

As a Historian, Dmitriy Nikitinskyy '19 takes pictures and videos at chapter events, helps create promotional materials, and works with the rest of the Public Relations committee to maintain our website and social media presence. Outside of FBLA, he is an active member of the Technology Student Association, likes spending time at the local YMCA, and plays Fortnite professionally. Dmitriy looks forward to creating new experiences for himself and for other members in FBLA.

As a Historian, Olivia Robinson '19 is responsible for photographing and recording chapter activities and events, and, as a member of the Public Relations Committee, for helping in the designing of promotional materials and the maintenance of Inglemoor FBLA’s communication platforms. Outside of FBLA, she is an ASB officer and an active member of the National Honor Society, and she also participates in crew and volleyball. Olivia is looking forward to working with new members and helping this chapter continue being successful.