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Wednesday Workshop 1.10

Thanks to everyone who came out to our second Wednesday Workshop of the year! If you weren't able to make it, please make sure to access the slides here.

Quick Summary

We were very lucky to have Edward Yang, a former Inglemoor FBLA president and student at UC Berkeley, at our workshop this week! He gave a quick talk about the importance of FBLA in your post-high school life.

Afterwards, we split into two separate groups and gave presentations on the specifics of role-plays and pre-prepared slides. You can find the presentations on slides here and here.

After dinner, we allowed time for practical application of the skills taught in the presentations.


Make sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, January 20th for our Pre-Regionals Event! Attendance at this event is mandatory, and failure to attend may result in disqualification from your events.

Supreme Shirt Fundraiser

While we have decided on and are in the process of producing the official 2017-18 Inglemoor FBLA club shirt, we have also decided to make available an alternative "Supreme Shirt" design. Proceeds from the sale of this design will go towards funding our Community Service Project and other future club projects.

To pre-order a shirt, click here.

Shirts will cost $15 before December 15th, and $20 after.

A quick look at the design of the "Supreme Shirt"

A quick look at the design of the "Supreme Shirt"

FLC 11.18

Thank you to the 50+ people who came out to FLC today! If you weren't able to make it, or wanted to review content discussed, this post is for you!

Miscellaneous Announcements

1. We announced today that Inglemoor FBLA will be sponsoring the new North Creek FBLA chapter throughout the course of the year! We will be hosting them at many of our Wednesday Workshops and Prep Events throughout the course of the year as they start their journey towards FBLA success. Thank you to everyone from North Creek that came out to FLC today!

2. Now that FLC is over, our chapter will transition focus towards preparing for competition season. Here are some important future dates:

Wednesday Workshop #1: December 13th, 2017

West Central Regional Conference: February 5th, 2018

WAFBLA State Registration: March 1st, 2018

3. The link to event sign-ups will go live soon. Registering for events is due by Monday, December 11th.

Introductory Workshops

We started the day off with four 25-minute rotations between introductory workshops, where one learned about the four different types of competitive events and what goes into preparing for each one of them. To see a presentation for any of these workshops, click on the titles below.

Roleplay + Test - Linda Zhu

Presentation w/o Equipment - Aleksandra Swiatek, Matt Houston

Pre-judged Projects - Antyush Bollini, Ewan Brown

Presentation w/ Equipment - Elizabeth Su, Stefan de Villiers

Specialized Workshops

The second half of our FLC allowed for everyone to choose one specific type of event and attend a 45-minute workshop on that event. To see a presentation for any of these workshops, click on the titles below.

Dive into Roleplay - Matt Houston

Dive into Speech - Talal Mustafa

Presentations for Pre-judged - Antyush Bollini

Technology Events - Ewan Brown

Slide Design - Stefan de Villiers


Thanks again to everyone who attended today. Make sure to sign up for your events by following the link provided above!

Club Meeting 11.14

Thanks to everyone who came to club yesterday! For a look at yesterday's slides, click here.

Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)

FLC is this Saturday (18th) at Inglemoor. As a reminder, attendance at FLC is mandatory if you are a first-year student or have not competed at or above the state level. Here's a quick look at the schedule for Saturday:

8:45 Arrive in the Little Theater

9-11 Rotate through Introduction Workshops

11:05-11:30 Lunch (provided)

11:35-12:20 Explore Workshop of Choice

12:25-1 Conclusion

Community Service Project (CSP)

One of the integral parts of both the FBLA organization and our own chapter is community service. Participating in community service helps our members grow and better involves our chapter in the community.

This year, our chapter will be setting up and managing a fun run in order to raise money for Seattle Children's. We will be hosting the run on February 10th, 2018. We will be releasing more information about CSP as we get closer to the actual event. In the meantime, if you are interested in being part of a planning committee for the event, click here to apply.

T-Shirt Design

Thanks to everyone who voted on a club t-shirt! We ended up combining two of the most popular design in order to create a design for our shirt. See below:

FBLA T-Shirt Design.png

Club Meeting 11.7

Thanks to everyone who came to club meeting today again! If you didn't make it, be sure to look through our slides here.

Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)

Make sure to clear your calendar for 8:45AM to 1PM on Saturday, November 18th, for this year's Fall Leadership Conference. FLC will be your chance to get an idea for the different competitive events FBLA offers and start deciding what exactly you're interested in competing in come February. If you are a new FBLA member or have not competed at or above the state level, attendance is mandatory.

Shirt Design

Thank you to everyone who voted on a design for our 2017-18 FBLA Club Shirts! Official design will be unveiled at club next week (Tuesday, Nov. 14th).

Club Meeting 10.24

Another week of a fantastic turn-out at club today thanks to everyone who was able to make it! Check out today's mentorship slides here or general club meeting slides here.

FBLA Mentorship

If you are a returning FBLA member and have previously competed at the state or national level, you are eligible to be a mentor this year! Here are some details surrounding mentorship:

  • Mentors are required to compete with their groups, with a few exceptions (see Slide 3)
  • Mentors are not required to compete in a testing event (a requirement for the rest of the chapter)
  • Being a mentor both looks good on a resumé and provides you with leadership experience
  • Mentors will be recognized on the Inglemoor FBLA website along with a professional headshot, and will also receive exclusive FBLA merch and a Mentorship Seal

If being a mentor sound interesting to you, make sure to sign up here.

Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)

This year's FLC will be held in the Inglemoor Library and Cafeteria from 8:45AM-1PM on Saturday, November 18th. At FLC, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops and learn more about the different types of FBLA events, before choosing which you'd like compete in. Unless you have been excused by a member of the executive team, attendance at FLC is mandatory for the entire chapter. We look forward to seeing you there!

Additional Announcements

FBLA Registration From (here) and Club Fees ($35 to Ms. Heindel) are both due on Monday, November 6th. If you neglect to turn in either of these, you will not be able to compete at any FBLA events.

Our t-shirt design competition also continues through November 6th! For more information on the competition, read our last blog post (Club Meeting 10.10).

Club Meeting 10.10

Wonderful to have another great showing at our second club meeting of the year! In case you missed it, here are today's slides.

Logo Design Competition

Inglemoor FBLA prides itself on having the best club shirts on campus each year. This year, we'd like to keep it that way. To that end, we've set up a competition for you, the club members, to design an official Inglemoor FBLA logo for the shirts (and/or an accompanying shirt design).

Here's some things we'd like to see you to incorporate into your designs:

1) The three focuses of our FBLA chapter (Business, Technology, and Community Service)

2) Inglemoor school colors (Black and Gold)

3) Creativity!

If you've created any designs you think would work, please send them to by November 7th.

If you create the winning design, you'll win a free club shirt!


If you have not yet registered as an Inglemoor FBLA Chapter Member, please do so ASAP by visiting the Join Us section on our website and filling out the member form. Also, remember to pay your $35 club fee to Ms. Heindel! Membership forms and fees are due on November 7th as well.


See you on the 24th!

Club Meeting 09.26

Thank you to everyone who came to our first official club meeting today! If you weren't able to make it, check out today's slides here.

Officer Introductions

Check out slide 4 of today's presentation or click here to learn more about this year's wonderful group of FBLA officers!

Benefits of FBLA

In case you haven't realized it already, joining FBLA is one of most important things you will do this year. From teaching you more about different business paths, to building your connections, to becoming more involved in your community, everything you do in FBLA this year will help you in the future!


If you haven't already registered or paid your club fee, please check slide 6 to find out how to do so. Also, make sure that you're connected with Inglemoor FBLA on all our social media platforms.


We look forward to seeing all of you again on October 10th!

Club Meeting 05.23

Thanks to everyone who came to club today! Please check out the club slides here to see some of the things that we covered in today's meeting and read below for a summary:

June 7 "Wednesday Workshop"

Please join us for our final chapter potluck dinner of the 2016-17 school year! We will be celebrating this year with a bunch of fun games and activities as well as chapter recognition and announcements of the members of the new officer team.

Officer Candidates

Make sure to see slide 3 for information about the upcoming interview process and make sure to check your email for your interview time tonight.

Personal Finance Presentation

Thanks to Fundraising Lead Ewan Brown and Treasurer Bill Zhao for helping members understand five basic steps to managing personal finances! See slides 4-18 for their presentation.

Business Model Canvas Presentation

Co-President Edward Yang started a session introducing members to the Business Model Canvas, a unique strategic management and business design tool that enables all kinds of users from startup entrepreneurs to corporate business leaders to understand describe, design, challenge, and pivot their business models.

For more on the Business Model Canvas, see slides 20-24 on the presentation, read about it on the Strategyzer website, or get the book. We will be covering more content from Strategyzer and their Value Proposition Canvas at our next chapter meeting, so stay tuned for more!

Club Meeting 05.16

Thank you to everyone who could join us at club today. If you were unable to come please read today's slides. 

SBLC attendees:

If you attended the state conference last month and needed to borrow either an HDMI cord or dongle for a presentation event, Ms. McCausland is still missing a HDMI cord and two dongles. Please check your bags and room to make sure you did not take it home with you. If found please return it to Ms. McCausland. 

Officer Applications: 

The online application is still open to the current sophomore and junior class. Be sure to ask the current officer team any questions you may have regarding their position if you are interested. Applications will not be accepted after May 19, 2017! 

NLC Reminders:

For all members attending Nationals, do not forget that your $300 deposit is due tomorrow! 

For the parents, there will be a meeting on June 7, 2017 from 6-8 p.m. about the National Leadership Conference. In addition, please read the parent letter that was sent out last night regarding the trip to Anaheim. 

Wednesday Workshop:

Mark your calendars as this will be our club's final WW! We will be meeting on June 7, 2017 from 6-8 p.m. This will allow members competing at nationals to work on their presentation and ask any questions before they leave for nationals. 


Club Meeting 05.09

Thank you everyone for coming to club today. If you were unable to make it please read through our club slides

Officer Application:

The general questions application for the 2017-18 officer team is now OPEN. Click here to access details regarding the officer positions and the application. The deadline to submit your application is MAY 19, 2017! Late submissions will not be accepted. 

NLC Competitors: 

There are a lot of upcoming deadlines that you need to be aware of and need to be completed ASAP. Please see slide 2 for a review of these deadlines.

Moving forward, the officer team will be presenting about current business issues and personal finance, gaining members' feedback, potentially some games/fun club activities, and welcoming new officers by the end of the year.

See you next week everyone and good luck to all of you who are taking IB and AP tests!!

Club Meeting 05.01

Thanks to everyone who came to club today, and congratulations to Antyush Bollini and Elizabeth Su for winning the election for the 2017-18 Inglemoor FBLA President and Vice President positions! Please see the club slides here for information on what we talked about today.

NLC Competitors:

There are a lot of upcoming deadlines that you need to be aware of and need to be completed ASAP. Please see slide 4 for a review of these deadlines.

SBLC feedback survey from WAFBLA is available here: please take a few minutes to fill it out to give some feedback that can help improve the conference experience for everyone in the future.

Our club's end of the year preview can be found on slide 7. We'll be opening officer applications soon, then moving to feature presentations from officers, members' feedback, potentially some games and fun club activities, and welcoming new officers by the end of the year.

See you next week everyone and good luck to all of you who are taking IB and AP tests!!

Club Meeting 04.25

Thanks to everyone who came to club today! Check out the club slides here for more information, especially if you need to complete the NLC INTENT TO COMPETE FORM (due this Thursday 4/27).

Burritos for Business flyer.png

In other news, be sure to invite as many people as you can to our Burritos for Business Fundraiser hosted by Woodinville Chipotle from 11:30AM-9:00PM on Wednesday, April 26th and make sure to share and show this flyer (click to enlarge or download) or mention that you're supporting Inglemoor FBLA at purchase to help us fundraise!

Our very busy meeting highlighted by the two speech sessions for our 2017-18 IHS FBLA President and VP candidates:

  • Conner Smith (President) and Ewan Brown (Vice President)
  • Antyush Bollini (President) and Elizabeth Su (Vice President)

Please go the online ballot to cast your vote. Voting will be open from 4/25-4/30.

We look forward to welcoming a new officer team on board for the 2017-18 school year and the process for selecting the rest of the team will begin as soon as elections are over. See you next week everyone!

Club Meeting 04.18

Thanks to everyone who came to club today! Please make sure you read through the slides carefully for some very important final information regarding SBLC, which starts tomorrow!

We will be departing from Inglemoor at 11:30AM on Wednesday, April 19. Students may store their luggage in the IHS library back conference room before school. Please try to avoid leaving your car at school for the duration of the conference and find another way to get to school.

SBLC Reminders

  1. Download the conference app from Guidebook with this link.
  2. Read through the itinerary, room assignments, and bus assignments here.
  3. Make sure that you have reviewed the packing list on slide 14 and on Facebook. 
  4. Review the information about competitive events procedures and open events signups on slides 15 and 16, especially the technology provided for presentations.
  5. See slide 17 for emergency contact information of advisors and co-presidents.

Other Items

  1. The 2017-18 President and VP candidates speeches will take place during club next week, on April 25th. Voting will open after club and will run until Sunday, April 30.
  2. We will be hosting our Burritos for Business fundraiser at Woodinville Chipotle in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 26th, where any customer who mentions "Inglemoor FBLA" will help us earn 50% of the proceeds from their purchase! More details available soon, please spread the word and bring as many people as you can to enjoy some great food while supporting our club!

Thanks everyone and GOOD LUCK AT SBLC!!

Wednesday Workshop 03.29 Recap

Thanks to everyone who came to the Wednesday Workshop tonight, hope you had a fun and productive time! Turnout was fairly strong but we would have liked to see more people there. That being said, here's a recap of what we covered:

  1. For all SBLC competitors: Mrs. McCausland gave everyone an overview of some of the rules, responsibilities, and expectations that we have for our conduct during the field trip. There is a new student conduct agreement form due before spring break which will be available in the Forms/Docs folder and at the next club meeting.
  2. We gave two extensive sessions of our "Marketing Yourself" workshop, covering topics like resumé writingusing LinkedIn, and networking skills. Please check out the Marketing Yourself workshop slides in-depth and get in touch with Edward, Antyush, and/or Ray if you have questions about the content.
  3. A lot of you took advantage of prepared presentation support provided by other members of the officer team, and we hope you found it productive and helpful in time for pre-state and state. Check out the presentation skills slides prepared by Ewan, Surya, Kiran, and Bill for some guidelines and helpful tips if you weren't there.

2017-18 Officer Applications

These will officially open on April 1. There will be a Facebook or blog post with instructions at the launch of the applications for President and Vice President candidates running for election on a ticket. Please stay tuned for more information and consider running for a position on the 2017-18 officer team.

Thanks everyone and see you at pre-state on April 1 at Inglemoor!

Club Meeting 03.28

Thanks to everyone who came to club today! We know that a lot of you were missing due to the mandatory junior class meeting, so please check out today's slides here for what you missed.

As part of our effort to complete the Diamond Chapter Merit Award for the 75th Anniversary of FBLA, Vice President Antyush Bollini gave a presentation on Inglemoor FBLA's chapter history which you can find in the slides and also read about here.

REMINDER: SBLC field trip forms are due tomorrow to Mrs. McCausland. Make sure that you have all of the boxes filled out on your form so that we don't have to hunt you down for an incomplete form.

We have TWO very important events coming up in the next few days:

  1. We are hosting our last Wednesday Workshop before the state conference TOMORROW NIGHT from 6:00-8:00PM at Inglemoor. We have a lot of content prepared for EVERYONE including an extended interactive workshop on resumés, LinkedIn, and networking skills. Officers will also be available to give presentation feedback, support, and guidance to those of you with prepared presentations at SBLC. Finally, advisors will be hosting SBLC information meetings for parents and chaperones throughout the WW. Please RVSP and read more information on the Facebook event page.
  2. The pre-state conference at Inglemoor on April 1st is MANDATORY for all SBLC competitors who have presentation events (including roleplays). You should already known your schedule by now, please confirm with your mentors that you will be present. ROLEPLAY TEAMS: You need to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of your listed time to get prep time.

Coming up: the application and selection process for the 2017-18 officer team is starting in the next few days as current officer team finalizes the details for the process. Please stay posted on this blog and on Facebook as information becomes available. See you tomorrow!

Club Meeting 03.21

Thanks to those who came to today's club meeting and to Antyush for making the slides and leading today's presentation! He put in some work and research into the pending merger between AT&T and Time Warner and it's some very interesting stuff, check out the club slides for that and more information from today's meeting.

We will be rotating club presentation duties around the officer team for the next few weeks so please give them some support as they lead club meetings.

Announcements from today:

Homesite testing for SBLC begins TODAY, if you have not signed up yet you need to do so ASAP on this spreadsheet. Testing today and Thursday is in the library computer lab, testing on Wednesday has been moved to the 600 building computer lab.

A paperwork packet containing the SBLC field trip form and a draft of the itinerary was distributed during club today (also available in forms/docs folder). Please go over the itinerary with your parents and make sure to have your field trip form completed and turned in by Wednesday March 29th to Mrs. McCausland, Mrs. Heindel, or any of the officers!

We will be having our last Wednesday Workshop and chapter potluck before the state competition on Wednesday March 29th from 6:00-8:00PM at Inglemoor. This WW will have two primary purposes:

  1. This WW will be an opportunity for those of you who are preparing presentation events to get some feedback from officers and other members before the competition and before pre-state on April 1 (mandatory), where we will have adult volunteer judges to evaluate and give feedback on your presentations.
  2. If you don't have presentation events or already feel comfortable and prepared with yours, we will also be conducting our workshop portion of the night on networking skills and resumé preparation tips (including a new segment that we haven't done before if you've already had experience with your resume), so there will be something for everyone and we're excited to see you there!

Finally, make sure you check the pre-state schedule for April 1st for your presentation times and notify officers about any conflicts or issues that are on the schedule. We will be updating the schedule over the next few days and hope to have it finalized by the end of the week. **IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU PRESENT AT PRE-STATE (OR ARRANGE AN ALTERNATIVE WITH AN OFFICER) IN ORDER TO COMPETE AT STATE.**

Thanks a bunch everyone, good luck on testing, and have a great week!

Club Meeting 03.14

Thanks to those who came to today's meeting! We had a lot of people missing today, so it is very important that everyone check on the club slides to catch up on new developments with SBLC information, VocaliD community service project, and Deanan popcorn fundraiser distribution.

Pre-state draft schedule for Saturday April 1 is now available here. Please check the schedule and notify us of potential issues and conflicts as soon as possible as we make edits to the schedule so it works for as many people as possible.

Other relevant SBLC spreadsheets are the homesite testing signups (due this Friday 3/17) for NEXT WEEK and the SBLC room and bus assignments (closed).

Please make time to contribute to our VocaliD community service project and follow up with Ewan for fundraising distribution. See you next week and good luck studying for tests!

Club Meeting 03.07

Thanks to those who came to club today! If you missed the meeting due to ASB general meeting, please check out the club slides here.

We are launching our 2017 community service project with on Weds. March 8! Please read more about it on the slides or on our community service page here. You can also watch VocaliD founder Rupal Patel's TED talk and the feature story about Leo True-Frost on NBC Nightly News.

Our goal is to get everyone in our chapter involved with over 100 hours donated by Friday, March 10! Check your emails for more information.

A few quick announcements for SBLC participants:

  1. Full $350 payments are DUE NOW. We are getting billed for rooms and registration soon and need money in our account in order to pay for everyone.
  2. Pre-judged event materials (BFP, BP, CAP, CGS, DVP, EB, MAD, WSD) are due to the officer team by March 13. Read the submission instructions and make sure your materials are ready.
  3. Information for SBLC open presentation events is now available here.
  4. Deanan popcorn distribution has been moved to March 14.
  5. More information for MANDATORY Pre-state Conference on APRIL 1 available soon.

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