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Club Meeting 6.12

Today was the last block schedule day of the year, which also means today was the last FBLA club meeting of the year. Click here to view the slides presented at club.

A look back

Because this was the last club meeting of the year, we used this time to reflect upon the year in video form and in oral form. We watched a promo video for the club that is going live on GMI early next year (access the club slides to see the video), and we shared out about our favorite FBLA memories.

We also signed thank-you posters to our advisers, Mr. Tim Raines and Mrs. Teresa McCausland, who are departing us after this year. Their two years of service to Inglemoor FBLA is greatly appreciated, and their kindness and dedication to the club and our members will be missed.

Parting words

This year was a tremendous year for Inglemoor FBLA. We have continued to exhibit astronomical growth in membership and success, and we are now not only the largest FBLA chapter in the state of Washington, but also the chapter that qualified the most members to NLC.

The outgoing officer team is immensely proud to have served you in the last year and to have been part of this chapter's success. We encourage you to continue your hard work and dedication to not only FBLA, but in every part of your life. Keep Inglemoor FBLA going strong.

Dates to keep in mind

The year isn't quite over yet, though, even for our seniors (who are graduating soon!). Honor cords are still available for $6.60 from Ms. Heindel's office.

We moved pre-NLC to this Saturday because of widespread unavailability on Saturday. It is now a part of the optional NLC prep day, which is taking place at the Kenmore library from 11:30am to 3pm. The prep is optional, but presenting as part of pre-NLC is not.

Get hyped for NLC! It's just two weeks away! Hype!


See you sooner or later - thank you, and Go Viks!

Wednesday Workshop 5.30 + NLC Info

If you were absent at this Workshop, you can access the slide deck here.

Resume building

Our wonderful outgoing chapter president Antyush Bollini '18, rather than going over rules for resume building, shared his guidelines for resume building. Click here to look at a document Antyush put together, detailing his guidelines for creating a resume that works specifically for you.


Incoming president Stefan de Villiers '19 gave a helpful introductory lesson on the history, features, and advantages of LinkedIn, a professional networking platform used by millions worldwide. Afterwards, outgoing fundraising lead Matt Houston '18 gave a demonstration by signing up for his own LinkedIn account. Refer to the slide deck linked at the beginning of this post for more details.

After the lesson and demonstration, members broke out to create or update their own LinkedIn profiles. (If you were absent, you should do this -- as Stefan said: in the professional world, it's not always about who you are, it's who you know. An article from the New York Times describing the rise of LinkedIn as a college application item was also shared -- this is a good read.)

National Leadership Conference information

For those who were not present at the NLC competitors' meeting that took place before the Workshop today (and for those who were present), a preliminary itinerary for our time in Baltimore, as well as flight information, was handed out today. The officer team will be organizing the information to make it available to all those who were not present at the meeting, and parents will be receiving emails from Mrs. McCausland as well. For now, National FBLA's NLC Guide can be accessed by clicking here.

Club Meeting 5.22

If you were absent today (or if you want to see the video of our Chipotle Fundraiser yesterday, but with sound), you can check out the slides presented at club by clicking here.

New Officer Team

Your new officers were announced today! The full 2018-19 Inglemoor FBLA officer team is as follows:

President: Stefan de Villiers '19

Vice President: Linda Zhu '19

Secretary: Melissa Mitchell '20

Treasurer: David Zhou '21

Membership Director: Andrew Bak '20

Fundraising Director: Sarthak Karmakar '19

Mentorship Committee: Shreya Senthil '19 (director), Carlie Graham '21, Swetha Mohandas '19, Ethan Stone '20, Alex Wang '19, Evelyn Yang '19

Public Relations Committee: Tom Mikolyuk '19 (director), Jarek Cruz '20, Dmitriy Nikitinskyy '19, Olivia Robinson '19

Community Service Committee: Allan Dao '20 (director), Joon Chung '20, Ananya Uliyar '19

Congratulations to all who were selected, as well as to all who applied; the officer team looks forward to serving you next year.


At our fundraising event at the Woodinville Chipotle yesterday, we held the annual Quesarito (Quesadilla + Burrito) Challenge, which we opened to all members of the chapter. Junior Dmitriy Nikitinskyy walked away from the venue yesterday with the astonishing winning time of 1 min and 4 sec. Our PR team created a short video to recap this fundraiser, which was screened at club (albeit without sound). Congratulations to all who participated in the Challenge, and thanks to everyone who came to support us and eat good food!

Dates to keep in mind

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and that means the National Leadership Conference is as well! Keep going strong in your preparations. If you're not competing at NLC, though, there are still fun and educational events you can attend to further your understanding of business.

There is a Wednesday Workshop on May 30th, 6-8 PM, IHS Library. Topics: LinkedIn, Resume Building, and new officer orientation (last 30 minutes of WW).

There will also be a meeting on May 30th at 5:30 PM (most likely ending ~6:15 PM), also in the IHS Library, about the NLC itinerary and other logistical information. Attendance at this meeting is required for NLC competitors, and parents of NLC competitors are encouraged to attend.

Pre-Nationals is Saturday, June 9th, at the Lake Forest Park library, from 2-5 pm. Presentation times for NLC competitors will be released soon.

There is an optional NLC prep session at the Kenmore library on Saturday, June 16th, 11:30am-3pm.

Honor cords

SENIORS - Honor cords are now available to purchase for $6.60. See Ms. Heindel in the Student Center to make payments.


Because of the forthcoming three-day weekend and tutorial times, our next (and last, for this year) club meeting is on June 12th during Viking Time.

Thank you, and Go Viks!



Wednesday Workshop 4.18

Today was presidential election day! Thanks to everyone who came out and voiced their opinion in the future of our chapter! You can find today's slides here.


Today's election proceedings consisted of three main parts. First, candidates had an opportunity to give a 7-minute presentation on a topic of their choosing that would best communicate their style and personality. After dinner, candidates also had time for a 3-minute speech and 5-7 minutes for a Q&A period. After the speeches, all members present at the workshop voted through an online link. Unfortunately, voting was only available to those present at the workshop.

NLC Preparations

Two key dates to keep in mind for NLC:

April 22, 2018 - Pre-judged materials are due at 11:59PM

April 27, 2018 - Initial NLC deposit of approximately $800 due

Club Meeting 3.20

If you were absent today, please check out the meeting slides here.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Fundraising packets were due today! Unfortunately, due to unexpected health issues, Matt Houston (our fundraising rep) was not able to be at club today (we wish him a speedy recovery) and we weren't able to collect all donations. If you did not sell candles and instead had a $20 donation to turn in, make sure to get that to Matt by tomorrow (3/21).

President/VP Elections

President/VP applications were due last Sunday (3/18). We have three teams running this year:

  1. Aleksandra Swiatek and Cienne Bronson
  2. Stefan de Villiers and Linda Zhu
  3. Tejas Raj and Rajbir Singh

Look out for more information regarding elections and application for other officer positions in April.

2018-19 Officer Selection

Officer selection season is here! If you are planning on applying to be President or Vice President of our club next year, the information below is urgent. If you are planning on applying for a different position on the officer team, please read on anyways for application in late April to early May.


To access the President/VP application form, please click here.

To access a document containing all officer roles and responsibilities, please click here.


March 15:     Written applications for President/VP only posted.

March 18:     Deadline for President/VP written applications.

April 3-7:    Application interviews with current President, VP, and advisors.

April 18:    WW + Candidate Led Activity with Chapter

April 24:    President candidate speeches (2-3 min. each) and voting during club.

April 25:    President/VP Announced.

April 30:    Applications for rest of the officer team released.

May 9:    Deadline for officer team written applications.

May 10-18:    Application interviews with new President/VP, current presidents, and advisors.

May 21:     Complete officer team presented to club.


Good luck!

Wednesday Workshop

If you weren't at the Wednesday Workshop yesterday, please check out the slides here.

For all state competitors who did not attend today, you will be required to do more activities in order to compete at state! If these additional activities are not met, then you will not be able to attend state nor get a refund for the registration payment. 

State Logistics

Objective Testing is happening right now. If you have not signed up yet, the link was sent out via remind and is on our Facebook page. March 19 and 21 are the only days you will be able to take your state test. 

The officer team is also hosting a state prep session at the Kenmore Library from 10am - 5pm. This event is optional, and you do not need to come for the total time period. But, this is a great opportunity to gain feedback from the officer team. In addition, if you were absent from Pre-State this is one opportunity to schedule a make up sessions. 

As for state, our chapter is staying at the Hilton hotel, and the competitive events as well as opening/closing ceremony will be held at the Hyatt and Meydenbauer Center. 


We have started the Yankee Candle Fundraiser that will last until March 20, 2018. All state members are required to get a minimum of two sales in order to compete at state. 

Officer Selection Process

The positions for the President and Vice President application (screening) process will begin on March 15 - 17, 2018! These two position are only available to upcoming seniors and juniors. 


Club Meeting 3.6

Thank you for coming out to our club meeting yesterday! Please click here to access the meeting's slides:


Our state fees were due last week on Wednesday. Unfortunately, not everyone took that deadline seriously. We had several members that were not able to pay that fee on time and w ill now not be attending SBLC. Let's work to meet those deadlines more effectively in the future.

Yankee Candle

Our Yankee Candle fundraiser started yesterday! Please take this opportunity to sell seriously, as the more money we bring in, the more we will be able to discount state costs. If you haven't yet picked up a fundraising packet, please talk to Matt Houston or see Mrs. McCausland in the library. Final fundraising payment is due on March 28.


Club Meeting 2.13

Thanks to everyone who came to club today! You can find today's slides here.

Walk-a-Thon Donations

Walk-a-Thon donations are due by this Friday, February 16th. If you are unable to bring in cash to Mrs. Heindel in the ASB office, you can always donate online by clicking here. These donations include all pledges promised prior to the Walk-a-Thon. For more information about the Walk-a-Thon, see our previous blog post or click here.

Wednesday Workshop

All members planning to compete at state must attend a mandatory Wednesday Workshop tomorrow night (February 14th) from 6-7pm. We will be going over state logistics and making sure everyone is registered and on track to compete.

February 10th Walk-a-Thon Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our chapter at our Walk-a-Thon on Saturday, February 10th! Reminder: you can still donate to the event by clicking here! The following is from an official press recap of the event:

Showing Some Love for Seattle Children's

On Saturday, February 10th, the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter at Inglemoor High School hosted their first annual Walk-a-Thon as part of a chapter-wide community service project.

Members were encouraged to find family and friends to sponsor them for each lap they completed and help make the event a success. All proceeds from the Walk-a-Thon went to the Uncompensated Care Fund at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Inglemoor FBLA will be hosting the same event next year and will look to grow it and increase community involvement then. For more information on how to donate or get involved, visit

Congratulations to all members who participated and raised money for Seattle Children’s!

Walk-a-Thon by the numbers:

40 participants (more than a third of the FBLA chapter)

185 sponsors pledging to support FBLA members

1750 laps run/walked by members

3 half-marathons run on the day of the event


Regionals 2018 - Conference Recap

Congratulations to everyone who competed at our West Central Winter Regional Conference this year! We're very proud of the hard work put in by all our chapter members!

By the numbers:

- 80 different competitors placing at WRC

- 75.4% Regionals general chapter success rate (way above 50% goal)

10 Freshmen qualifiers for State competitions (most ever for our chapter)

- 87% success rate for our Junior competitors


Thank you to everyone who put in the work and dedication required to succeed at Regionals! We can't wait to see you continue to show off your commitment at State!

Wednesday Workshop 1.10

Thanks to everyone who came out to our second Wednesday Workshop of the year! If you weren't able to make it, please make sure to access the slides here.

Quick Summary

We were very lucky to have Edward Yang, a former Inglemoor FBLA president and student at UC Berkeley, at our workshop this week! He gave a quick talk about the importance of FBLA in your post-high school life.

Afterwards, we split into two separate groups and gave presentations on the specifics of role-plays and pre-prepared slides. You can find the presentations on slides here and here.

After dinner, we allowed time for practical application of the skills taught in the presentations.


Make sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, January 20th for our Pre-Regionals Event! Attendance at this event is mandatory, and failure to attend may result in disqualification from your events.

Supreme Shirt Fundraiser

While we have decided on and are in the process of producing the official 2017-18 Inglemoor FBLA club shirt, we have also decided to make available an alternative "Supreme Shirt" design. Proceeds from the sale of this design will go towards funding our Community Service Project and other future club projects.

To pre-order a shirt, click here.

Shirts will cost $15 before December 15th, and $20 after.

 A quick look at the design of the "Supreme Shirt"

A quick look at the design of the "Supreme Shirt"

FLC 11.18

Thank you to the 50+ people who came out to FLC today! If you weren't able to make it, or wanted to review content discussed, this post is for you!

Miscellaneous Announcements

1. We announced today that Inglemoor FBLA will be sponsoring the new North Creek FBLA chapter throughout the course of the year! We will be hosting them at many of our Wednesday Workshops and Prep Events throughout the course of the year as they start their journey towards FBLA success. Thank you to everyone from North Creek that came out to FLC today!

2. Now that FLC is over, our chapter will transition focus towards preparing for competition season. Here are some important future dates:

Wednesday Workshop #1: December 13th, 2017

West Central Regional Conference: February 5th, 2018

WAFBLA State Registration: March 1st, 2018

3. The link to event sign-ups will go live soon. Registering for events is due by Monday, December 11th.

Introductory Workshops

We started the day off with four 25-minute rotations between introductory workshops, where one learned about the four different types of competitive events and what goes into preparing for each one of them. To see a presentation for any of these workshops, click on the titles below.

Roleplay + Test - Linda Zhu

Presentation w/o Equipment - Aleksandra Swiatek, Matt Houston

Pre-judged Projects - Antyush Bollini, Ewan Brown

Presentation w/ Equipment - Elizabeth Su, Stefan de Villiers

Specialized Workshops

The second half of our FLC allowed for everyone to choose one specific type of event and attend a 45-minute workshop on that event. To see a presentation for any of these workshops, click on the titles below.

Dive into Roleplay - Matt Houston

Dive into Speech - Talal Mustafa

Presentations for Pre-judged - Antyush Bollini

Technology Events - Ewan Brown

Slide Design - Stefan de Villiers


Thanks again to everyone who attended today. Make sure to sign up for your events by following the link provided above!

Club Meeting 11.14

Thanks to everyone who came to club yesterday! For a look at yesterday's slides, click here.

Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)

FLC is this Saturday (18th) at Inglemoor. As a reminder, attendance at FLC is mandatory if you are a first-year student or have not competed at or above the state level. Here's a quick look at the schedule for Saturday:

8:45 Arrive in the Little Theater

9-11 Rotate through Introduction Workshops

11:05-11:30 Lunch (provided)

11:35-12:20 Explore Workshop of Choice

12:25-1 Conclusion

Community Service Project (CSP)

One of the integral parts of both the FBLA organization and our own chapter is community service. Participating in community service helps our members grow and better involves our chapter in the community.

This year, our chapter will be setting up and managing a fun run in order to raise money for Seattle Children's. We will be hosting the run on February 10th, 2018. We will be releasing more information about CSP as we get closer to the actual event. In the meantime, if you are interested in being part of a planning committee for the event, click here to apply.

T-Shirt Design

Thanks to everyone who voted on a club t-shirt! We ended up combining two of the most popular design in order to create a design for our shirt. See below:

FBLA T-Shirt Design.png

Club Meeting 11.7

Thanks to everyone who came to club meeting today again! If you didn't make it, be sure to look through our slides here.

Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)

Make sure to clear your calendar for 8:45AM to 1PM on Saturday, November 18th, for this year's Fall Leadership Conference. FLC will be your chance to get an idea for the different competitive events FBLA offers and start deciding what exactly you're interested in competing in come February. If you are a new FBLA member or have not competed at or above the state level, attendance is mandatory.

Shirt Design

Thank you to everyone who voted on a design for our 2017-18 FBLA Club Shirts! Official design will be unveiled at club next week (Tuesday, Nov. 14th).

Club Meeting 10.24

Another week of a fantastic turn-out at club today thanks to everyone who was able to make it! Check out today's mentorship slides here or general club meeting slides here.

FBLA Mentorship

If you are a returning FBLA member and have previously competed at the state or national level, you are eligible to be a mentor this year! Here are some details surrounding mentorship:

  • Mentors are required to compete with their groups, with a few exceptions (see Slide 3)
  • Mentors are not required to compete in a testing event (a requirement for the rest of the chapter)
  • Being a mentor both looks good on a resumé and provides you with leadership experience
  • Mentors will be recognized on the Inglemoor FBLA website along with a professional headshot, and will also receive exclusive FBLA merch and a Mentorship Seal

If being a mentor sound interesting to you, make sure to sign up here.

Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)

This year's FLC will be held in the Inglemoor Library and Cafeteria from 8:45AM-1PM on Saturday, November 18th. At FLC, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops and learn more about the different types of FBLA events, before choosing which you'd like compete in. Unless you have been excused by a member of the executive team, attendance at FLC is mandatory for the entire chapter. We look forward to seeing you there!

Additional Announcements

FBLA Registration From (here) and Club Fees ($35 to Ms. Heindel) are both due on Monday, November 6th. If you neglect to turn in either of these, you will not be able to compete at any FBLA events.

Our t-shirt design competition also continues through November 6th! For more information on the competition, read our last blog post (Club Meeting 10.10).

Club Meeting 10.10

Wonderful to have another great showing at our second club meeting of the year! In case you missed it, here are today's slides.

Logo Design Competition

Inglemoor FBLA prides itself on having the best club shirts on campus each year. This year, we'd like to keep it that way. To that end, we've set up a competition for you, the club members, to design an official Inglemoor FBLA logo for the shirts (and/or an accompanying shirt design).

Here's some things we'd like to see you to incorporate into your designs:

1) The three focuses of our FBLA chapter (Business, Technology, and Community Service)

2) Inglemoor school colors (Black and Gold)

3) Creativity!

If you've created any designs you think would work, please send them to by November 7th.

If you create the winning design, you'll win a free club shirt!


If you have not yet registered as an Inglemoor FBLA Chapter Member, please do so ASAP by visiting the Join Us section on our website and filling out the member form. Also, remember to pay your $35 club fee to Ms. Heindel! Membership forms and fees are due on November 7th as well.


See you on the 24th!

Club Meeting 09.26

Thank you to everyone who came to our first official club meeting today! If you weren't able to make it, check out today's slides here.

Officer Introductions

Check out slide 4 of today's presentation or click here to learn more about this year's wonderful group of FBLA officers!

Benefits of FBLA

In case you haven't realized it already, joining FBLA is one of most important things you will do this year. From teaching you more about different business paths, to building your connections, to becoming more involved in your community, everything you do in FBLA this year will help you in the future!


If you haven't already registered or paid your club fee, please check slide 6 to find out how to do so. Also, make sure that you're connected with Inglemoor FBLA on all our social media platforms.


We look forward to seeing all of you again on October 10th!

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