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Wednesday Workshop Recap 10.19

Thanks to all of those who came to our first Wednesday Workshop on October 19th! If you missed it, check out the slides for the first half of the workshop and then read below for a recap of what we covered at the event:

  1. An introduction of our club and officers to all freshmen and new members.
  2. A quick review of introductions and the handshake game that we played in week 2.
  3. An introduction to the Business Achievement Awards and the Community Service Awards, which are both great nationwide recognition programs offered by FBLA-PBL that members should be participating in.

After a fun potluck dinner with our members, we split into different groups to introduce and explore the various competitive event categories at FBLA conferences. Read about the major event categories below or read more in-depth on the Washington FBLA website here.

  • Individual Objective Tests: 100-question multiple choice tests about specific business-related topics. Administered electronically in 60 minutes, usually at Inglemoor 2-3 weeks before a conference.
  • Individual Production Tests: These events begin with a standard objective test but also include a subsequent project to be completed and submitted on a computer.
  • Individual or Team Prejudged: Materials such as reports or projects are submitted and judged prior to the conference, where individuals and/or teams will then have the opportunity to give a presentation about their work.
  • Team Roleplay and Test: Teams of 2-3 members take an objective test together to qualify to compete in a roleplay at the conference, where teams are presented with a case study situation and have 20 minutes to prepare a 7 minute presentation of a solution.
  • Individual Speech and Interview Events: These are exactly what they sound like.
  • Individual or Team Presentation Events: Competitors will prepare presentations either with or without equipment to present to judges at the conference.

There are almost 80 different FBLA events to choose from and there is something for everyone! Make sure to read more about FBLA competitive events on the Washington FBLA website (which includes some events for WA state only) or at the national Competitive Events Reference Guide.

Event signups (competitive and BAA/CSA) will open on Tuesday, October, 25. We will be going through the event signup process in club soon!

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