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Club Meeting 11.15 and Event Signup Updates

Thanks to those who came to club today! A lot of changes to event signups happened today, please see today's meeting slides for details or read the announcements below.

In light of the changes and updates that we received from our regional coordinator, we have extended our club's event signups deadline to this Friday, November 18. You can still find the event signups sheet and other related materials in this folder.

Here is the list of event signups rules and changes that we have received. Please read carefully:

  1. All members can compete in a maximum of 4 events, 3 of which can be presentation events. For our chapter size, we are allowed to send only 5 competitors (individuals or teams) for each PRESENTATION event, so in events where more than 5 competitors have signed up we will be holding internal tryouts for the opportunity to represent our chapter.
  2. Members competing in PROJECT events will need to submit their projects by the deadline but will NOT present in-person at regionals. Top 6 competitors from project scores will advance to state. The same applies to those competing in PROJECT + TEST events: top 6 from project and test scores combined will advance to state.
  3. Members competing in TEST + ROLEPLAY events will need to complete the test by the deadline but will not have the opportunity to present in-person at regionals. The top 6 competitors from test scores only will advance to state, where they will test again for the top 15 finalist spots to have an opportunity to do a roleplay presentation.

In other news, our next Wednesday Workshop has been reschedule to DECEMBER 7 from 6:00-8:00PM: you MUST be present to get your chapter shirt, which we are hoping to order this week.

Please send us an email or message an officer if you have questions and make sure to get your event signups done. Thanks everyone and see you next week!

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