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Club Meeting 10.24

Another week of a fantastic turn-out at club today thanks to everyone who was able to make it! Check out today's mentorship slides here or general club meeting slides here.

FBLA Mentorship

If you are a returning FBLA member and have previously competed at the state or national level, you are eligible to be a mentor this year! Here are some details surrounding mentorship:

  • Mentors are required to compete with their groups, with a few exceptions (see Slide 3)
  • Mentors are not required to compete in a testing event (a requirement for the rest of the chapter)
  • Being a mentor both looks good on a resumé and provides you with leadership experience
  • Mentors will be recognized on the Inglemoor FBLA website along with a professional headshot, and will also receive exclusive FBLA merch and a Mentorship Seal

If being a mentor sound interesting to you, make sure to sign up here.

Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)

This year's FLC will be held in the Inglemoor Library and Cafeteria from 8:45AM-1PM on Saturday, November 18th. At FLC, you will have the opportunity to attend workshops and learn more about the different types of FBLA events, before choosing which you'd like compete in. Unless you have been excused by a member of the executive team, attendance at FLC is mandatory for the entire chapter. We look forward to seeing you there!

Additional Announcements

FBLA Registration From (here) and Club Fees ($35 to Ms. Heindel) are both due on Monday, November 6th. If you neglect to turn in either of these, you will not be able to compete at any FBLA events.

Our t-shirt design competition also continues through November 6th! For more information on the competition, read our last blog post (Club Meeting 10.10).

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