Club Meeting 6.12

Today was the last block schedule day of the year, which also means today was the last FBLA club meeting of the year. Click here to view the slides presented at club.

A look back

Because this was the last club meeting of the year, we used this time to reflect upon the year in video form and in oral form. We watched a promo video for the club that is going live on GMI early next year (access the club slides to see the video), and we shared out about our favorite FBLA memories.

We also signed thank-you posters to our advisers, Mr. Tim Raines and Mrs. Teresa McCausland, who are departing us after this year. Their two years of service to Inglemoor FBLA is greatly appreciated, and their kindness and dedication to the club and our members will be missed.

Parting words

This year was a tremendous year for Inglemoor FBLA. We have continued to exhibit astronomical growth in membership and success, and we are now not only the largest FBLA chapter in the state of Washington, but also the chapter that qualified the most members to NLC.

The outgoing officer team is immensely proud to have served you in the last year and to have been part of this chapter's success. We encourage you to continue your hard work and dedication to not only FBLA, but in every part of your life. Keep Inglemoor FBLA going strong.

Dates to keep in mind

The year isn't quite over yet, though, even for our seniors (who are graduating soon!). Honor cords are still available for $6.60 from Ms. Heindel's office.

We moved pre-NLC to this Saturday because of widespread unavailability on Saturday. It is now a part of the optional NLC prep day, which is taking place at the Kenmore library from 11:30am to 3pm. The prep is optional, but presenting as part of pre-NLC is not.

Get hyped for NLC! It's just two weeks away! Hype!


See you sooner or later - thank you, and Go Viks!

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