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Show Some Love for Seattle Children’s Hospital Walk-a-Thon

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Materials for sponsorship collection available here!

Event Date: Saturday, 2/10/18

Event Time: 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

Event Location: Inglemoor High School, Inglemoor High School Track

Beneficiary: Donation are for Seattle Children’s Hospital Uncompensated Care Fund

Inglemoor FBLA will be hosting a walk-a-thon to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital on Saturday, February 10th. We encourage all FBLA members, Inglemoor students and family members, teachers, and the general community to get involved!

How Can I Get Involved?

Participants: Reach out to family members, neighbors, teachers, and friends prior to the event to let them know about your participation. If they are interested, they can sign up to sponsor your participation by pledging a dollar amount per lap (we suggest 50 cents per lap, making the average donation total around $10.00 for sponsors whose participants walk/jog five miles). You will earn their donations during the event by running, walking, or jogging laps. Following the event, reach out to sponsors in person or via email to collect donations. More instructions and resources are available for access by clicking the following the second link above.

Sponsors: Show your support by pledging a sum of money for every lap that a participant walks around the track! A period of 3 hours (9 AM - 12 PM) will be allotted to students to run, walk, or jog laps. A student that goes five miles during the event will have completed twenty laps, as each lap is a quarter mile.

Volunteers: Come help out in setting up before the walk-a-thon, keeping track of participants’ laps, and cleaning up after the event. This is applicable for Valhalla hours and CAS hours. Sign-ups will be out soon via Remind and email.

Make a Donation: If you cannot participate, have no student to sponsor, or wish to make a contribution of a set amount, there will also be the option to contribute that amount directly to the event, which will be donated as part of the total raised to SCH. Following the event, donations will be able to be made at Simply fill out your information, select Inglemoor High School and the event, and make a donation of your choice.

How will this event help?

All donations earned from this event will be donated directly to the Uncompensated Care Fund at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Fortunately, your efforts and donations potentially benefit your neighbors and friends. Contributions to the Uncompensated Care Fund help ensure that families can afford insurance and other costs in health emergencies for their children. Event costs have been covered by past FBLA fundraisers, so we are able to donate 100% of the proceeds to the Fund.

In addition, we hope to continue hosting similar events in the future. Your support in the success of this event is essential in growing our ability to promote and host effective fundraisers for local causes like this fund in the future. Thank you for your participation!

VocaliD: Humanizing Custom Digital Voices

For our 2016-17 community service project, Inglemoor FBLA partnered with to support their mission to humanize the voice inside any device that speaks. Millions of people around the world suffer from diseases like ALS, cerebral palsy, MS, or other neurodegenerative conditions that impair their speech, and those who live with voicelessness often have to use text-to-speech devices to communicate.

However, thousands of computer-generated speech devices given to these patients use very similar voices, regardless of the patient's age, gender, or characteristics of their original voice. Voice is an essential part of individual identity, and VocaliD believes that digital voices can evolve with the help of crowdsourced voice donations.

Over the course of March 8-10, Inglemoor FBLA students donated over 100 hours of their voices to a worldwide voice bank of recordings, which will be used by VocaliD to create custom digital voices for patients suffering with voicelessness.

One of the nine official goals of FBLA is to "encourage members in the development of individual projects which contribute to the improvement of home, business and community." Service is also the first of three words on the official FBLA crest.

Inglemoor FBLA has committed to planning and completing at least one community service project every year that involves our entire chapter and serves the greater Seattle or Kenmore area.

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